If you would like to make a donation to an organization that helps to stop the violence, we encourage you to take a look at the follow charities:

Battered Mothers Resource Fund, Inc.

“Battered Mothers Resource Fund, Inc. (BMRF) is a nonprofit tax-exempt organization dedicated to assisting battered mothers and their children find safe haven and locate community resources to help them make a fresh start. “

The National Domestic Violence Hotline

This is one of the first resources many victims turn to when in need of help. I have donated to them for several years now. This is also the first place most police officers will tell you to contact after they have made a visit to your home.

Family Violence Prevention Fund

This site focuses a lot on teaching boys about non-violence. I have learned a lot from looking at this site over the years!

Shelter Alliance Cellphone Program

This is one of many charities that collects used cell phones for victims and survivors of domestic violence. What they do is clear the phone’s memory completely, set up a cell phone service provider, and give the phone to a victim or survivor for emergency use or until they are established in a home of their own and able to obtain a home phone.

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence & 1-800-CHARITY CARS

A charity that takes used cars and refurbishes it to give to victims and survivors of domestic violence. I am not 100% sure if this is one of those tax deductible donations.


And lastly I am listing the charity that helped me the most when I got away from my abuser. I had a domestic violence advocate by my side through the court process and child custody issues, I received counseling, referrals to other services for what they couldn’t help me with, etc.


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