Purpose of this Site

The Strength to Leave was created for women in unhealthy relationships.  Unhealthy relationships includes women who have been emotionally, verbally, physically, sexually or financially abused.  In my blog, I share my experiences, advice and give my support to women who find themselves unhappy in love.  I am not a therapist, counselor, or a professional in any of these fields.  But as a women who has lived through all kinds of abuse and have talked to other women about their abuse, I find it is empowering to build a network to get advice on finding a way out of these relationships.  We find ourselves alone and getting caught up in the moment and do not see what we are doing to ourselves.  We live through pain, hardship, belittling, bruises and much more, that we don’t even realize how troublesome our relationships are.  It takes strength to speak up and speak out, get help and allow others to support you during such a difficult time. 

On August 4th, I finally realized I was in an unhealthy relationship and had to GET OUT.  And I knew it had to happen ASAP.  But I didn’t know how.  If you continue to read my blog, you will realized how August 4th changed my view on abusive men for the rest of my life.  I found support through family, friends (the little I had), my therapist and through reading.  I finally gained the strength to get out and if you find yourself in an unrewarding relationship, you can too gain the power to make a final exit out of your abuser’s life…and NEVER look back.

Please click here to learn more about My Story.


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