Types of Abuse

There are many different types of abuse that occur in relationships.  Listed below are some of types and what they consist of:

Emotional Abuse includes:

  • Criticizes you constantly
  • Manipulation
  • Never keeps promises
  • Does not let go of the “wrong” things you’ve done
  • Destroys property
  • Constantly possessive and jealous
  • Humilates you
  • Threatens to break up with you
  • Withholding/Silent treatment
  • Makes you feel guilty
  • Expects you to agree with him
  • Tells you what you can and can’t do
  • Accusses you of cheating
  • Isolates you from family and friends
  • Plays mind games

Verbal Abuse includes:

  • Calling you names
  • Belittling you
  • Telling you you’re worthless
  • Swears or yells at you
  • Interrupts you constantly
  • Telling others you are crazy
  • Blaming you for the abuse
  • Saying that you are a bad parent

Physical Abuse includes:

  • Shoving or pulling you
  • Pinching or grabbing
  • Spitting on you
  • Driving recklessly
  • Slap or hitting you
  • Punching or kicking you
  • Choking or smothering you
  • Restraining you from leaving
  • Holding you down
  • Using weapons

Sexual abuse includes:

  • Not taking “no” for an answer
  • Coerce you into unwanted sex
  • Cheating on you and exposing you to STD’s
  • Forcing “make up” sex
  • Demanding sex acts
  • Forced sex with another person or object

If you are being abuse, get help immediately.  Experts say that abuse only escalates, regardless of an abuser apologizing and stating they will stop.  There are many resources available to you.  Please visit our resource page and get help today.


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